IMAGO Visual Arts Studio's classes schedule currently works in 3-months cycles, -
therefore, expect changes in schedule following these intervals.

The schedule below covers January, February and March 2019.
Schedule may change from April 2019.

Tuesday 10.oo am - 1.oo pm ( upon request )
4.oo pm - 7.oo pm
Friday 10.oo am - 1.oo pm
4.oo pm - 7.oo pm ( upon request )
Saturday 10.oo am - 1.oo pm   |   3.3o pm - 6.3o pm

NOTE: In the situation in which the student needs, for whatever reasons, to cancel his class,
he needs to announce at least 12 hours in advance

phone: 416 7257039

Feel free to even visit, -
you're welcome anytime for Turkish coffee and a chat,