IMAGO Visual Arts Studio is founded on principles of European professional artistic education.
We offer VISUAL ARTS CLASSES for any level or group of age, - INCLUDING PREPARATION FOR ART COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY in Canada or abroad.

Classes include:
+ techniques ( drawing: pencil, charcoal / sanguina; painting: watercolour, gouache, tempera, acrylic, oil )
+ themes / categories ( still life, portrait, composition, object – with applications in form theory, perspective, light-shadow, colour theory )
+ Byzantine Iconography – for those who are interested
+ notions of Art History and Art Theory – from traditional to understanding of contemporary art
+ portfolio preparation for the candidates to art highschools, colleges or universities ( the actual portfolio preparation session is FREE ).

For a more detailed understanding, please check the CURRICULUM of the classes being offered.

You can get a sense of the studio's atmosphere and the teaching process by checking our STUDIO page, as well as our FaceBook page and our Behance profile.

PRICE: 20 CAD / h.
Our sessions are three hours, - therefore the price of a session is 60 CAD / h.

*Any interval of time going beyond three hours is a BONUS granted to the student, - therefore is FREE.
**Sessions can be class or private, according to the student's possible requirements or necessities – the price is the same.

Classes can take place in English, French or Romanian - in depending of student's requirements, necessities or preferences; classes are multilingual, - therefore each student receives explanations, guidance etc in his/her language of preference.

We are waiting for you, - you are most welcome, - no matter age or level of skills.