INSIDE THE ICON is a university course open, as an independent course, to everyone – Orthodox and/or non-Orthodox, with a genuine interest in the Theology and in the Art of the Byzantine Icon.

The Course has been originally designed for the students in theology of the St. Stephen's Theological Program within AHOS ( Antiochian House of Studies ) under the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.
Nicolae Gavriliu ( MFA, MTh ), the author, the founder and the professor of the Course is, since 2007, one of the Professors of the St. Stephen's Theological Program.

Therefore, INSIDE THE ICON became a visually-spiritual space, open to everyone, with no experience in theology or arts being required.
Our deep gratitude for this idea goes to our very dear brother in Christ and friend, Father Theodoros Alamanos, the parish priest of St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox church from the Greek Metropolis of Toronto.

The Course is structured into 3 Units, each Unit taking 8 weeks ( + extensions for exhibitions' preparations, which is a bonus/free time offered to the students ).
All along the Course, Iconology and Iconography are parallel tracks:
+ Iconology: One Unit means 8 successive sessions, in-class or online.
+ Iconography: One Unit covers, in 8 successive sessions, a studio / in-class project.

A brief synthesis of the main points reached by the curriculum:

The Spirituality of Image | Secular Art & Spiritual Art | The Human Being and the Icon | The Mystical Evolution of Man | The Iconic Human Being | Immanent Image and Transcendent Image | Man and Angel | The Iconic Light as Sacrament | Applied Iconology

Study of 'Byzantine Line' | Iconic Morphology and Iconic Substance :: graphic techniques | Light, Shadow in the context of color :: watercolour tehniques | The pictural iconic substance | Inner Light, perspective and 'mystical expression' | The Iconic composition :: mystical energies, compositional routes and movements

+ See curriculum in detail here

The Course being structured into 3 Units, each Unit taking 8 weeks, the payment is made per Unit, at the beginning of each Unit.
We offer 2 possibilities:
+ ICONOLOGY only:  $180 / Unit   in-class and/or online on skype
+ ICONOLOGY + ICONOGRAPHY$280 / Unit   Iconography, in-class only

***PLEASE note that, for spiritual / theological reasons, we DO NOT OFFER Iconography only.

The content of the course is written in English, - however, course is being taught in English, Romanian and, upon request, in French.

ANY ONGOING SESSION IS OPEN as an Information Session to persons who are not registered yet, but have an interest in the course. We welcome announced visitors.